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XSandy’s Hair and Cosmetics

Sandra Brown-Pinnock is the founder of  the company “Haireverlasting” and the creator of the “Xsandy’s” brand of hair extensions. She is an ambitious and tenacious individual who ensures she works with the best manufacturers to produce the highest quality hair which is subsequently used for her brand of extensions.
Having worked in mental health for over 15 years, she then moved into owning and running a social care organisation for 8 years. However Sandra has always had an interest in the hair and beauty industry.  She noticed that the industry i.e. the manufacturing, distributing and retail sections of this market within the UK and Europe, had virtually no Afro-Caribbean owners and felt that it was time for a change.
Sandra understood what it took to succeed in this competitive commercial environment. In 2006 Sandra opened a high-end hair salon and aspired to be the first Afro-Caribbean woman to own a hair extension manufacturing company.  She observed at first-hand, that there was a need for good high quality human hair extensions that would not tangle and shred for woman of all ages. In 2008 Sandra decided to start manufacturing her own brand of hair. Thus her business was born. In June 2015, Sandra decided to open her retail store inside the Lewisham shopping centre as she became frustrated at the lack of adequate knowledge of hair and hair products that should be recommended for use on the various Afro-Caribbean hair types.  She observed that most of these retail outlets in South East London were not owned by someone of African / Caribbean descent and wanted to make a change.
Sandra’s aim is to inspire other African and Caribbean businesses to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams.