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You will find a beautiful assortment of handcrafted baby blankets, nursery pillows and soft toys, beddings and throws that are created from beautifully vibrant African fabrics. The brand is a leading African inspired online shop with items designed to bring you affordable, modern, and colourful products.
We’ve always had a passion for crafting and especially love sewing. We began sewing clothes and accessories for our-self. We love challenging our-self each and every day to learn new skills to enhance our art and business. We are absolutely in awe that what started out as a hobby has blossomed into a beautiful career.
We specialise in beautiful African fabrics and we love mixing these eclectic designs to create a one of a kind creation for my customers. We’re inspired by the bursts of colour and unique designs available in these incredible fabrics. In 2014, we visited our family for the first time in Africa and instantly fell in love with the incredible wax Ankara fabric. This fabric creates so much more than a fashion accessory, it creates a work of art that is meant to inspire and uplift!