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MOVE WITH KB is a brand and dance company working alongside the community. We promote dance and fitness and attract clients from all walks of life to stay fit and active through dance. Founded in 2016, our lead choreographer and founder is a Dance Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor, Choreographer based in London.
We offer the following services:
-Afro Motion – Dance exercise class
-Private and group dance classes
-Wedding choreography – bride and groom, bridal party (bridesmaids and
groomsmen), father and daughter, mother and son
-Enrichment dance sessions – youth clubs, after school club, inclusion
-Physical and sporting events
-Entertainment services
MOVE WITH KB encourage our clients and the public to lead healthier and happier lifestyle, through dance.
We specialise in promoting Africa and culture through using music from all over the world especially Afrobeats.
Founder of Group Fitness Exercise ‘Afro-Motion’.
Afro Motion is a free-flowing class and will start off with a warm-up, routine and cool down. Afro –Motion can be known a dance fitness party providing you with some of the best dance and latest dance moves. It is a fusion of Afrobeats and African rhythms with a combination of fast pace and slow rhythms. This forms a fun and
energising workout that will your mind working throughout the session – lasting up 1 hr with short intervals.