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Liberty Box is a Black literature book box and subscription service exploring the African diaspora through fiction and non-fiction books. We will be including great reads from new and known writers including Achebe, Fanon, Angela Davis, Chimamanda Adichie, Andrea levy etc
When you purchase an edition of Liberty box you will receive a fiction or non-fiction book written by someone from the Black Diaspora. You will also receive 3 or more book related goods or treats.
With each box they take special care in selecting the right items; each one is carefully curated to include empowering stories as well as products from small creative businesses and black-owned businesses from around the world.
Liberty Box Kids is the soon to launch children’s Black history and geography activity box for those aged between 6 – 11 years old, providing books, workbooks and crafts based on a specific topic or theme. Liberty Box consult with educators and advisers to make sure that the content, books and games included in each box are appropriate for the topic and age group.
Liberty Box has a mission to highlight and celebrate the history and achievements of Black people from across the African diaspora through the curation of great literature and beautiful products.
We want to make it easy and convenient to learn black history and discover or re-discover great black literature, doing our best to make it an engaging and uplifting experience.