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Kora Naturals is a UK based, Africa inspired, luxury skincare brand formulated to meet the unique requirements of the African Caribbean woman.
Founded in 2010 by Corrine Hayford-Kwatchey after becoming frustrated at the lack of premium skincare available made by and for women of colour.
Natural & ethical living enthusiast, Corrine aspires to awaken the eco-conciousness and promote self-empowerment within the black community.
Believing that the current luxury skincare market does not sufficiently cater to the specific requirements of black women, Corrine aspires for Kora Naturals to become the UK’s leading luxury skincare brand for black women by using premium organic and wild crafted African ingredients that have a natural affinity to black skin.
As a mother of two daughters, she understands the pressures of raising young queens in a society that readily seeks to diminish their light and dent their self confidence, Corrine is on a mission to establish a legacy not only for them but for the black community as a whole and to promote the notion that nothing is off limits and everything is achievable and accessible to all who understand that they are deserving.