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Eastside Young Leaders Academy

Our mission is to create leaders of character and purpose for tomorrow’s world, drawn from those most in need in grassroots communities. We view education as a launchpad for this mission and as a gateway to belonging to an influential peer group who will individually and collectively exert positive influence in society. 
EYLA exists to nurture and develop the leadership potential, health and well-being of children and young people, especially BAMEs,

empowering them to become the next generation of successful leaders.
Many paths in life are determined by the influence and inspiration of the learning environment. EYLA is such a place.

We have created a zone of magical realism, channelling energy and ambition into productive pursuits unlocking the true potential in each child.
We work with our partners and parents to motivate and encourage students to go beyond their personal best. We run weekly workshops and seminars utilising our own unique bespoke leadership curriculum, built on seven core competencies:

Confidence & Capacity
Health & Well-being 
Identity • History & Family
Self-expression & Leadership
Self-management •