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The Global Brand using technology to bring African Fashion to the world.
AfriqOkin is a unique global App that helps inspire African designs, in Clothing, Accessories and promotes Tailors, Designers and Accessory makers. It is free to download on Google Play and the Apple App store.
The App inspires designs and exhibits others and their designs. It connects those who love African fashion with the artisans who can create the designs and styles they want wherever they are in the world.
Whilst the app offers an easy-access service for those passionate about African fashion, it is also a hub for fashion entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by accessing new clients.
AfriqOkin solves the problem many Africans face in not being able to readily find a design or a tailor who can create the designs desired.
You get a design directory that filters into categories showcasing the latest designs in various categories from Male, Female, Casual, Family and many more.
This platform provides tailors information and contact. This is provided when designers or tailors register as a “Tailor, Designer or Accessory Maker” rather than an “app user” on the App from Google and Apple app store. The information of the “Tailor, Designer or Accessory Maker” that registers on the app will show up within 25km from any location inputted into the search engine the world.
Insta: @afriqokin